Tickets & Info

Click the buttons below to order your tickets (this will take you to Eventbrite)

Doors open at 6PM – Concert starts at 7PM

Single Show tickets - $32.00

Please read and follow the directions for purchasing tickets.

Directions for purchasing tickets.

1 - Click on the blue button above for the show you want to purchase tickets for.

2 - Click on the red tickets tab

3 - Click on the Buy on Map tab

4 - Eventbrite automatically suggests a seat (usually Section 4, row V, seat 20). If you would like to purchase a different seat than selected, click on the edit tickets tab.

5 - Click on the suggested seat (in white color) it will turn back to gold. Then click on the - button in the top left corner until the seat map shrinks down and you can see all available seats.

6 - Click on the seat or seats desired. They will turn white and the seat info will show in the right hand side of the screen.

7 - Once your seat selection is right, click on the Checkout button and follow the steps to submit payment.